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Date : 27-September-2018

How to prepare for UGC-NTA NET/JRF Exam-Tips and Tricks

Cracking down a competitive exam like UGC-NTA NET/JRF is not very easy. But with proper planning it will not seem very tough in clearing the exam. Sharing few tips and tricks which are recommended by experts in winning UGC-NTA NET/JRF Exams.

Tips and Tricks

Collect the Syllabus

1. Take a print out or note down the UGC-NTA NET/JRF syllabus of your specialization in a paper and make a note of all the topics you have to cover.

Cover everything is included in it.If you are interested to gain more knowledge you can explore out of syllabus but make sure you go for it only after completing what is included in the Syllabus first.

2. Start with a topic which you feel is easy for you.

Starting with a topic which you find comfortable will create confidence in you .Always a good start is needed to give a positive thought in you.

3.Before going to other topic note or mark what all you have covered.

By doing so you will have an idea on what all you have covered. Later on when you look this will be useful.

Collect Useful Study Materials

This is one of the important thing as without Proper study materials nothing is possible. Make sure you have few recommended Books to prepare for UGC NET . Ask experts and understand which are good and also make sure to collect previous years question papers and answers.

Prepare Notes

Make notes on topics you complete. You can make short notes as this will be helpful for you to memorize when you revise later. It will be good to note important points and facts .Make sure you use good handwriting because when you look at it later it should be clear and interesting to read.

Share your Knowledge

Sharing your knowledge will only better you. While teaching you will also learn. This will give you a chance to test how much you know and gain confidence.

Manage your Time

Another important factor is TIME. You should properly plan and know how much time you will need. YOU will have only limited time to complete your exam so learn how to manage your time. Also keeping a time to complete the topic and finishing it on time will give you advantage for revision.

Keep Track of latest News and notifications

Always be updated about what is going around regarding UGC NET Exams. Collect and gain knowledge on your topics.


Revision is also a vital part .Revise everything in the order you have learnt and which is in syllabus. Make use of the notes you have prepared. Before Exam make sure you do at least two revisions.

Mock Tests

Solve previous years question papers and conduct mock tests for yourself. This will be helpful to manage time in exam hall.
Last but not the least a good support and guidance will be needed to help you crack an Exam like UGC NET at the first chance or if you have tried and failed. Altus Institute with Experienced faculty can guide you and provide all needed study materials to help you succeed. Contact us for more information. Admissions going on.