1. Students should be polite, punctual and regular.
2. Students should reach the Centre at least 30 minutes before the commencement of the class.
3. Students should bring the necessary stationery articles (notebooks, pens etc) for their personal use.
4. Cell phones and iPods should be switched off inside the classroom.
5. The complete course fee and admission fee should be paid in advance.
6. Fees once paid cannot be refunded, adjusted or transferable under any circumstances including pandemic and natural calamities.
7. Fees can be paid by cash, cheque, or by direct debit.
8. Fees will be charged for absent sessions also; since, this time, it is exclusively provided to you without accommodating other students. No exceptions will be given for leave of absence. class time will be informed well in advance
9. Compensations will be charged from the student in case of any damage/malfunctioning of properties belonging to the Institute.
10. Violation of the rules, code of conduct, discipline and misbehaviour will lead to the expulsion and cancellation of the admission without refund

* In the present pandemic situation, classes will begin through online platforms. Offline-Classroom classes will begin soon after the Government instruction and according to the Government guidelines.
* Online classes will be facilitated through recorded PPT voice-overs uploaded in the Web-based application of the Institute.